What Sets Weave Apart From Other Patient Communication Systems

If you work in the dental field, you know there’s lots of patient communication systems out there. They all do pretty much the same thing; automate appointment reminders and simplify patient communications. I’ve used Solutionreach, Demandforce, and Revenuewell. All good systems, not a stinker in the bunch. But Weave outshines them all. Not only does it handle my appointment reminders and Recare, it literally makes my dental office life run more smoothly. That’s why I thought I’d take the time to share with you, what sets Weave apart from other patient communication systems.

The Phones

With most patient communication systems, you sign into a website to view the information that they’ve synced with your practice management software. But when you get Weave, everything is synced into your phone system. I can’t even tell you how much time and energy these phones save me. I work at a busy front desk, and I’m the only person up there. These phones are super simple to use so that I can seamlessly juggle several calls at once. Plus, they play great ‘on-hold’ music (at no extra cost) while my patients are waiting for me.

When a patient calls, their name and info automatically appear on a small pop-up window over whatever I’m doing on my computer. When I want to make a call, I don’t even waste time dialing numbers. I just enter the patient’s name into the pop-up window, choose the number I want to use, and the phone engages to make the call.

I could bore you with all of the cool features of the phones themselves but I won’t. I’ll just explain what I love the most about them. Before Weave we employed an answering service to take our calls during lunch and after hours. Even though they had very specific instructions on how to handle our messages and patient emergencies, human error was an ongoing problem. We had constant complaints from patients that couldn’t reach us when they needed us, and many messages that we never received. Because of Weave’s amazing ‘calling tree’ and emergency notification system, we were able to cancel our answering service. It’s extremely reliable and we couldn’t be happier with it!

The App

You really have to see the Weave App in action! When I leave the office, I’ve got our whole practice on my cell. Well, not really the whole practice. It’s a Hipaa compliant version that gives me enough information to communicate with patients. I can see my schedule, text and call my patients, override our voicemail, and a whole lot more all from my cell phone.

It might seem like a bad thing to be taking work home with me, but believe me it’s not! If I wake up in the morning and find that my first patient called off with the flu, I can immediately let my Hygienist know that she can sleep in. Or if a patient woke up and flossed out a crown, I can call them first thing. If Doctor or a Hygienist is sick and can’t make it in, I don’t have to rush into the office to try and reach their first patient before they leave the house. I can handle that right through the App. And my personal information isn’t attached to any of the communications. To the patients, it all appears to come directly from the office.

Patient Communication

I can control and customize our appointment reminders and Recare messages from my computer at work and from the App on my phone. The text messaging is my favorite because patients respond to Weave’s messages much more frequently then they did with our last reminder system. I have no idea what’s making it easier on their end so that they feel more compelled to respond. But I get tons of nice little messages now like, ‘Great! See you then!’ and ‘Oh thanks so much for reminding me!’ Patient’s never did that with our last system. Which makes me wonder if they weren’t receiving all of our messages. Now we actually get complements from them on the efficiency of our system! And I’m feeling so much more connected to them.

The timing and wording of text messages is completely customizable with Weave. Email is the only thing I feel they could improve on. The emails are pretty generic, and presently there is no way to customize them. They do the trick for patients who don’t like to receive texts though, so it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

So, there you have it. Weave has replaced our phone system, our answering service, and our patient communication system. I’ve had only a few small glitches and questions along the way. The few times I’ve had to contact support, I’ve been very impressed with their service. They’re easy to reach, extremely professional, and have always corrected the problem right away.

It seems like when you’re in the same field for a long time, fewer things happen to get you excited. But Weave has been one of those things for me so I had to share the joy!

If you want to learn more about Weave, you can visit their website at, www.getweave.com. Also, feel free to ask me any questions here. I’m always happy to help if I can!

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