Anna’s Undressed Arugala Salad

Anna’s Undressed Arugala Salad is just a big name for a small idea. I’ve mentioned before that when I was first diagnosed with Graves, I was traumatized by everything I learned about gluten and autoimmune disease. I also became more aware of eating real food and switched to organic whenever possible. I still do the real, organic food thing. But since my three year experiment proved that gluten has ever done me any harm or good, I’m no longer strict about staying away from it.

Some of my gluten-free habits have stuck with me though. Like no dressing on my salads. If you’ve ever tried to avoid gluten, you know that it’s hidden in a lot of things like salad dressings. Plus there’s usually a lot of sugar and other unidentifiable things in there. So I got used to eating my salads plain and that’s how I prefer them now.

This simple salad is one of my lunchtime favorites. I’m a bit crazy because I eat it almost every day and never get sick of it. I almost didn’t post it because it really is super simple. But then I thought, maybe there’s people out there that didn’t know a salad could taste so good without dressing. So, here ya go…

Anna’s Undressed Arugala Salad

I have no specific amounts here because you should make as much as you feel like eating or sharing. And you should season it to your own taste. I’m pretty generous with the garlic powder and Italian Seasoning myself. Get organic spices whenever you can. If you are avoiding gluten, be sure that they’re gluten-free.

‘Dieting doesn’t work. Just eat real food.’

Anna Baumann

Annoyingly cheerful Graves Disease Warrior and Dental Office Lifer. Eager to share, help and connect. Big fan of kindness, food, ocean cruises and reading books while drinking tea.

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