Month: June 2018

Graves Disease

How I’m Coping With Perimenopause And Graves Disease

For my fellow Gravesters that are of a certain age, do you find it hard to decipher whether what you’re feeling is related to Perimenopause or Graves Disease? I’ll be 48 this year. Overall I’ve been feeling pretty good since my thyroidectomy. Except for random spells of night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, bloating and periods […]

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How I feel about morning huddles
Dental Office Life

How I Feel About Morning Huddles

Someone recently asked me how I feel about morning huddles. They’re a hot topic and I know a lot of offices spend a lot of time trying to perfect them. I’ve worked in offices where morning huddles were super involved. We’d gather in one of the ops or around a table in a consultation room […]

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