Dental Front Office Essentials.

A customizable training guide! Each practice is unique. We basically accomplish the same things, but have different ways of getting there. This book explains the objectives but provides plenty of writing space for trainers and trainees to customize the information.

Dental Front Office Planner

I wasn't able to find a planner that was specific to Dentistry, so I created this one. It offers a two-page monthly overview, weekly space for jotting down daily huddle notes, tasks, and reminders, personal space for journaling, doodling, and a shopping list, and a Monthly Practice Tracker for tracking KPIs.

Dental Assistant Binder

The Assistant Binder is the perfect way to stay organized, and create a customized reference manual for your office! It offers Customizable Checklists and Trackers, and templates for Clinical Setups and Material Instructions. Also includes a binder cover page, section divider pages, and binder spine inserts. (This is a digital product. Physical binder not included.)

Graves Disease Symptom Tracking Journal

Use this journal to track your Graves Disease symptoms. Record the circumstances you're in when the symptoms start and use that information to identify your triggers. Then use and enjoy the journal spaces. Writing is a beautiful outlet and a powerful way to organize your thoughts.

Graves Disease Organizer

It offers monthly and weekly planning pages to assist with brain fog, memory, and organization, There is also weekly space for symptom tracking and journaling. Cut off meal planning and shopping lists on the dotted lines and bring them with you to the store! Password Keeper and Reading Log pages are also included for extra memory help.

Graves Disease Symptom Tracking Journal

A helpful and comforting tool for managing your Graves Disease Symptoms. It offers separate space to track your symptoms, and organize your feelings and ideas.

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