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Dental Front Office Essentials

Dental Front Office Essentials is ideal for Dental Offices that need a customizable training guide, and for those starting a new career in the Dental Front Office. Front office training is almost always done on the job, during regular working hours. As Managers and Trainers, we vacillate between sharing a formal outline of information, and explaining things as they happen. At the same time, new employees need a dependable source of information. This book is awesome because:

It offers dental practices a customizable training guide. Each practice is unique. Although we basically accomplish the same things, we have different ways of getting there. This book explains the objectives but provides plenty of writing space for you or your trainee to record the specifics that apply to your office.

It gives trainees a solid foundation. Feeling comfortable in a new front office position takes time. This gives them a guide while they’re training, and something concrete to refer back on. Plus, the prompted sections with writing spaces keep their notes organized so they can find them quickly when needed.

Dental Front Office Planner

Dental Front Office Planner

I enter appointments into my phone, but for organizing my Dental Office Life I love a paper planner! Since I’ve never found one that’s specific to dentistry, I created this Dental Front Office Planner. It offers a two-page monthly overview, weekly space for jotting down daily huddle notes, tasks, and reminders, personal space for journaling, doodling, and a shopping list, and a Monthly Practice Tracker for tracking KPIs. Check it out and let me know if you find it helpful!

Graves Disease Planner

Graves Disease PlannerThis Graves Disease Planner is perfect for us Gravesters and anyone with thyroid disease symptoms who want a practical organizational planner. It offers monthly and weekly organization along with space for symptom tracking and journaling. There are also password and reading log pages. Everything we need to keep our foggy brains on task!

Graves Disease Symptom Tracking Journal

You’ll find 24 weeks of symptom tracking, journaling, and inspiration in my first Graves Disease Symptom Tracking Journal!


24 Weeks of Symptom Tracking

Another 24 weeks of symptom tracking, journaling, and Graves Disease facts and inspiration in my second Graves Disease Symptom Tracking Journal!