Month: September 2018

Dental Office Life

Attributes Of A Good Dental Assistant

Every position plays a vital role in the dental office. That’s the absolute truth. But I’ve always felt like Dental Assistants are the glue that hold the whole place together. If you’re a Hygienist or you work at the front desk, your job is pretty departmentalized. But if you’re an Assistant, you’re kind of all […]

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Graves Disease

Graves Disease and Anxiety

It’s been my experience that Graves Disease and Anxiety go hand in hand. Most doctors don’t prepare us for this or even acknowledge it. It’s the old, ‘Your levels are normal so Graves can’t be causing it’ thing. That always confuses me. They tell us that even when we get our levels under control or […]

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NOT Weight Watching

My Favorite Coconut Cake

I love to bake! It’s so satisfying to create something from scratch. You start off with a bunch of ingredients and some empty bowls and suddenly you have something delicious that makes people smile! This particular recipe is my favorite coconut cake! Coconut is one of those things that people either love or hate. I […]

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