Gift Ideas for all

Gift Ideas For All

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by Anna Baumann

Great Gift Ideas For All

I have a hard time coming up with gift ideas. Whether it’s for a birthday or holiday, I’m always torn between buying something useful and practical or something frivolous and fun. It seems like I’m always scouring the internet for some kind of gift idea, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite past and present finds. 

I broke this into three categories.

  1. Useful and Practical
  2. Frivolous and Fun
  3. The Mug Grab Bag (Don’t worry, I’ll explain.)

Useful and Practical

These are the things that people can really use, but don’t buy for themselves because they aren’t absolutely necessary.

Laptop Desk

Perfect for students and anyone with a laptop.

Alarm Clock, Bluetooth Speaker, Nightlight

Got these for my nephews when they transitioned to separate bedrooms.

Charcuterie Board Set

We’ve done these for get-togethers forever in my family. I know they recently got super popular, but they’re always a great idea! This is a nice, big board that also comes with a couple of utensils. 

Vegetable Chopper


A Book Series

Books are always a useful and practical gift! If you don’t want to gift an entire series, at least get them started.

Book Light

I don’t know what I’d do without my Kindle. But I still love the feel of an actual book. I use my hug book light in bed and on airplanes. This is what I have, but there’s lots of different kinds.

Electric Kettle

Tea and books go together, but electric kettles are great for more than just tea! If you get one, make sure it has a temperature control. This one also has a ‘keep warm’ option that I love!


I admit it. I got sucked in to one of those ‘As Seen On TV’ ads. But I cannot lie, I LOVE my Spurtles! Anyone with a kitchen will appreciate a set of these! Once I got mine, I realized they weren’t a new concept. They make fancier ones but I have these.

Frivolous and Fun

The fun and luxurious stuff.

Projector and Screen

We got this as a Christmas Gift for my boss. Use it inside or outside. Turn any room into a man cave, she-shed or theater. It’s really cool! 

Shower Steamers

Bath bombs are great, but who has time to take a bath? Shower steamers infuse some luxury into every day! If you’re buying for a DIY type, get a kit and they can make their own.

Bean Bag Chair

Nobody needs these but WOW they’re fun! Look around and you can find them in a variety of colors, sizes and fabrics. They’re cozy and fun! 

Silly Slippers

If you do it right, slippers do not have to be a boring gift. The point is that the person you give them to would never buy them for themselves, but they smile every time they wear them.

Fun Foods

You really can’t ever go wrong with a food-related gift. Cookies, candy, or fruit and nuts. I try to get things I know they’ll love, but probably wouldn’t go out and buy for themselves.

Hobby Starters and DIY Kits

They’ll never know until they try! Starting a new hobby is exciting and fun! Even if they’re curious, people are always hesitant to get started on their own. If you know their personality, give them a nudge with a fun starter kit. You might even inspire them to start a little side hustle, search for treasure with a metal detector, or just have fun with something creative like coloring or Paint-by-number.

Tabletop Fire Pit

These are SO FUN! They can get creative with some indoor smores, or just enjoy the ambiance of the cute, little fireplace!

The Mug Grab Bag

The Mug Grab Bag is something we’ve been doing at our office for the past few years at Christmas. It’s a fun idea so I wanted to share it here. It’s super easy. Everyone buys a mug and we choose a different ‘grab bag’ type of game for exchanging them. We recently update it from mug, to anything that you can drink from. It’s the perfect category because no one really needs another cup of any kind, but everyone loves getting a new one.

Here are a few of the best we’ve had.

Tervis Tumbler

A stainless steel Tervis is the best for keeping things hot. Everyone fights over these when they’re in the mix!

Soup Mugs

These are awesome and always a hit!

Hot Chocolate Cups

These are adorable! Someone did these one year along with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

Tea Infuser Cup

My favorite! ? 

I hope at least one of these ideas is the perfect one for you! Either that or hopefully they’ll inspire you to find what you’re looking for! Happy Hunting! 🙂

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