I am Anna and this is my Blog.  Please forgive my silly Snapchat pic.  Graves Disease has stolen a bit of my self confidence so that I’m not as comfy in front of a camera as I used to be.  Glasses hide my freaky eyes the best.  But I promise I’ll switch to a pretty professional photo as soon as I’m feeling pretty again.

One of my main goals here is to let everyone living with Graves Disease know that you are not alone.  This will be a place where you can nod along as you read because you can completely relate to what I’m saying.  And hopefully where you can benefit from my experiences with this brain fogging, rage inducing, weight yo-yoing, hot-flashing, heart fluttering, life interrupting disease.

On another note, I’ve spent 30 years of my life working in the dental field.  There are loads of places you can go to get advice on how to run a dental practice.  And you’ll find some of that here.  But mainly what you’ll find is my honest point of view on all of the day to day stuff that seems trivial, but SO isn’t!

You’re probably thinking this is an odd combination of topics for a Blog.  You might be right but hey, it’s who I am!  And I really hope you’ll enjoy tuning in!