Dental Office Life

Attributes Of A Good Dental Assistant

Every position plays a vital role in the dental office. That’s the absolute truth. But I’ve always felt like Dental Assistants are the glue that hold the whole place together. If you’re a Hygienist or you work at the front desk, your job is pretty departmentalized. But if you’re an Assistant, you’re kind of all …

Dental Office Life

What Do Dental Patients Really Care About?

It seems like we’re always looking for ways to bring in new patients to keep our practice growing and healthy. But it’s just as important to make sure we’re keeping the patients that we already have. Sometimes they just disappear with no explanations and no good-bye. I always wonder what makes them just leave like …

Dental Office Life

What Sets Weave Apart From Other Patient Communication Systems

If you work in the dental field, you know there are a lot of patient communication systems out there. For the most part, they all do the same thing; automate appointment reminders and make it easier to communicate with our patients. I have experience using Solutionreach, Demandforce, and Revenuewell. All good systems. Not a stinker …