The Bright Side

Because there’s ALWAYS a Bright Side!

NOT Weight Watching

My Favorite Coconut Cake

I love to bake! It’s so satisfying to create something from scratch. You start off with a bunch of ingredients and some empty bowls and suddenly you have something delicious that makes people smile! This particular recipe is my favorite coconut cake! Coconut is one of those things that people either love or hate. I […]

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Weight Watching

Anna’s Undressed Arugala Salad

I’ve mentioned before that when I was first diagnosed with Graves, I was traumatized by everything I learned about gluten and autoimmune disease. I also became more aware of eating real food and switched to organic whenever possible. I still do the real, organic food thing. But since my three year experiment did not prove […]

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How Cruising Changed My Life

In 1994 I booked my very first cruise on the Carnival Mardi Gras. I was 22 years old and traveling with three of my girlfriends. This was an exciting time for me! I was completely single, loving my job as a Dental Assistant, and happy to still be living at home rent free. Of the […]

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